My Mood Swings My Mood Bounces

My Moods Don't Swing

My Moods Don’t Swing

My moods don’t swing, they bounce


What do I mean? I wonder the same too.

How can a person’s mood change so rapidly, it’s insane. Sometimes I don’t even realize it, how it changed, what caused it, and what can I do about it. It’s tiring.


One minute I feel as though I’m all ready to conquer the world, and the next minute I’m all drained out.

This morning when I got up, my mood wasn’t at its best. I was so grumpy that you couldn’t imagine what I was like. All I wanted to do was get the kids to school and have my peace and quiet. I was feeling awful. Then things changed, I went for breakfast as usual. The difference was having my stepsons around today and they are not the cause of my downward spiral. We started talking and all of a sudden a burst of positive energy came upon me. That’s when my mood changed for the 100th time. In a short span of minutes, hours and days, my moods can bounce from anywhere high to low.  How does that happen to a person? I couldn’t understand it.




An hour ago, I felt so motivated, energetic and confident. An hour later it went down the opposite I feel so drained, exhausted, numb, and I just want to hide.   Am I the only insane being going through this? No one seems to understand that. I want to feel better too, I want to be that confident, motivated, energetic, mom, wife and person. But I don’t have the energy to challenge my mind. I want to sleep so that it can all go away but I couldn’t fall asleep. All of a sudden I feel so NUMB, I can’t feel anything at all. And again I feel so empty, lifeless and soulless. I don’t have the words to describe what I am experiencing. It’s not that I’m in a bad mood, it’s just not that kind of mood or thing. If you know what I mean. Oh please, tell me that I’m not the only one. I wish someone can actually understand what I’m going through. It’s frustrating when your energy level fluctuates in its own crazy way. You don’t have control of it.


I'm Not Crazy, I'm NOT

I’m Not Crazy, I’m NOT


It’s not like what everyone says, just get over it, do something and stop being lazing.

It’s just not like that. I’m so frustrated with all these thoughts in my head, they won’t stop repeating. I keep hearing them whenever my mood spirals down. Everyone thinks I’m just simply impossible. I wish that was the case, then would it be so much easier to understand and manage. But it really isn’t. If only someone believed me.

There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Please tell me that I’m not alone. I’m not crazy. I need help. I want to be helped.


The Inner Self Within You


The Inner Self Within You

The Inner Self Within You

The Inner Self Within You


When was the last time you actually really talked to yourself?

That minute, hour, day, days, months and years just passed by without you realizing. What have you really been doing? Busy working, putting food on the table, spending time on social media, running errands?


Have You Spoken To The Inner Self Within You?

What about you? What about your inner self which is most important above all else? We are constantly trying to please everyone around us, we are so preoccupied with the thing and materials in the world. That we FORGET. We FORGET  to live and we FORGET the meaning of life.


Living Life

Living Life

What does the word Life and Living mean to you?

Every single day I see many soulless human beings going through the motion. None of them are living in the present. What happened to the simplicity in the human world. Many of you may not agree with me whereas others may find happiness, fulfillment, contentment in your jobs, qualifications, cars, houses whatever that is for you. If that is the truth and that is what truly makes your life meaningful for you, then I’m happy for you. Afterall it boils down to “Whatever Works”


I live inside my head

I speak for myself and I must admit that I forgot what life is all about and I constantly need reminders. Pilled up with guilt, shame, anger, inadequacy, hurt, unworthiness, you name it and it’s there. Not because I want to dwell on it, but the reality is depression is a disease that eats you up slowly without you even knowing. Depression can happen to any and everyone with or without a reason.


The Inner Child Hidden In Me

Hidden Within

Hidden Within

Whilst reflecting I realized that there is a little child from my past stuck within me. She has been my voice, she leads my life, she controls my thoughts. It is ironic that I’m terrified of this little girl otherwise also known as little me and for this sole reason I avoided talking to myself. I did not want to meet her. I ran and I kept running from myself and everyone around me. It feels like as though she has taken control of my life. Perhaps it is time for me to gain the courage to ”Make A Difference” Stop living in the Past and be focused on the present.


Thank you for your heartfelt message

Moving forward, I would like to give a shout out to Beauty Of The Bloom  When I wrote my first article I never thought that anyone would read it. When she dropped me the first comment on my post, I felt so touched, appreciated and thankful.  And it is because of that little action which left an impact on me. Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts and encouragement.


That Simple Action You Make Can Change Someone’s Life

We never know how much the little actions as trivial as they seem to us actually could mean the world to someone else. Because of that little action from you, you gave me HOPE to keep going.



The Light of Hope

The Light of Hope


Never underestimate your goodwill for someone else.

Something we all already know, it doesn’t take a genius to know it. We are humans, we need constant reminders, motivation, and encouragement. Just like you, I need them too. Perhaps the only difference is the frequency I need them. Don’t be surprised I even need motivation and encouragement to get simple daily basic life errands to be done. And if that’s you too, you’re not alone.


I Did Something Today, Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

Finally, after realizing that I have been stuck in my past and that I have unknowingly allowed my past to affect my present and future. I want to make that change. The first step to change is always to have ”Awareness”  And If all you did today was get out of bed, that’s a start.


Change Is Constant

Change Is Constant


Be In The PRESENT, The Answers Are Within You