Gazing at the sea, wandering Who Am I


Searching Her is the beginning of my journey.


Coming to think of it, I don’t know who I am.

I spent my entire life sitting on the couch wondering who I am. A soulless being floating aimlessly. I spent so much time searching for affection in the wrong places. I gave bits and pieces of me to the people that don’t deserve me.  And I got hurt thinking that I deserved all of it. 


I can fool the world but not my heart.

Why must we conceal who we really are deep inside?

Maybe all I need is to let myself in, in the midst of all these, I’m struggling to keep my sanity. 

I need a purpose and reason to write. 

A place for me to express my pains and my daily struggles. I need to know that I’m not alone. Please bear with me if I’m not keeping up or doing a good job. I’m merely searching for myself in this entire process.


Feel free to get in touch with me anytime, through messenger, emails, and comments.

And if in all of this mess, I can send you some love, hope, and support, it makes Searching Her all worth it. I love the engagement, It gives me HOPE in my life. Let’s build a community of support together. 



Alternatively you may drop me an email.

I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Each and every email is important to me. 

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