Searching Her

I Am Ashamed Of Who I Am

Sharing with you the truth of me – Living with a haunting traumatic past.
Currently, diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, Depression & Complex PTSD.

It was only through my latest diagnosis (2019) that i am able to have a better understanding of my irrational behaviour. The unexplainable moods, bizzare behaviour patterns, and the irrational thoughts throughout my life.

I’ve spent my entire life sitting on the couch wondering if i’m a normal human being. A soulless being floating aimlessly.
I can fool the world but not my heart. Why must we conceal who we really are deep inside?
Maybe all I need is to let myself in & in the midst of all this, I’m struggling to keep my sanity on a daily basis.

I need a purpose, reason to write and i have found it. I’am a mom to 3 beautiful young children. And i do not want to be the perpretrator in their lives. The journey wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. We all have to keep trying and that’s what I am doing. I fail and I try again.

In the midst of it all I want to remind you that “you are not alone
And if in all of this mess, I can send you some love, hope, and support, it makes Searching Her all worth it.

This blog is dedicated to all the mental health sufferers and parents alike.

A place of support for you and me – Empowerment

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